Fast Neutron Detection – Novel Approach for Higher Sensitivity

Arktis Radiation Detectors Ltd is specialized in innovative solutions to detect radioactive and nuclear material. The baseline technology's unique capabilities for direct fast neutron detection and gamma radiation detection enable several novel applications in numerous vertical markets.

Security Market

Arktis offers unique features for passive screening (including Radiation Portal Monitoring) applications:

  • More data on the radiation source allows better assessment of threat potential
  • Capability to detect heavily shielded special nuclear material
  • Single technology covers gamma and neutron detection

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Research Market

Arktis offers gamma and neutron detectors (thermal and fast) with excellent response times. This allows:

  • High background operation
  • Source identification based on energy spectra
  • Energy dependent count rates
  • Applications where precise timing information is crucial

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Platform Technology

Arktis components are designed for scalability and modularity. This way we can offer solutions to high-end applications in many different markets, from homeland security to oil and gas exploration. 

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