Reliable Radiation Detection. Our Expertise – Your Security

Arktis Radiation Detectors develops and manufactures next generation systems that detect and identify radioactive and nuclear materials to enhance security and facilitate operations. Using Arktis proprietary advanced radiation detection technologies we create solutions that deliver step change improvements in capabilities for a wide variety of applications used by customers and governments across the world.

Security Market

Arktis technology improves threat sensitivity, thereby enhancing security, streamlining operations and reducing total cost of ownership. Our products offer unique features to identify detected SNM and reduce nuisance alarms at the earliest stage.

Key benefits

  • Improved source threat assessment accuracy
  • Increased ability to detect shielded nuclear material
  • One system for both gamma and neutron detection
  • Better data specificity to reduce nuisance alarms and operating cost

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Research Market

Arktis systems and products are used to advance scientific research by academia and industry. Our gamma, thermal and fast neutron detectors feature excellent response times, particle discrimination and background information.

Key benefits

  • Source material identification based on energy spectra
  • Ability to work in high gamma background environments
  • Energy dependent neutron count rates
  • High speed electronics to support applications where precise timing is necessary

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Platform Technology

Arktis products are designed to be both modular and scalable. This means we can offer flexible solutions for use across a wide variety of applications and markets, from Homeland Security to oil and gas exploration.

Key benefits

  • Easily integrated into existing infrastructure
  • Flexible, modular systems designed to meet application specific customer needs
  • Can provide enhanced capability and cost benefits when integrated into existing systems

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Features of Arktis Radiation Detector Systems

Arktis new generation products are optimized for deployment in harsh environments.

Reduced Background
Smart triggering and precise timing information means significantly reduced background.

Source Categorization
Specific high quality information on source of radiation is provided.