Instrumentation: Components for Research & Industry

We are specialized in the production of fast and thermal neutron as well as gamma detection systems. Due to their fast response times and no need for a moderator they are perfectly suited for active interrogation experiments, high gamma background environments, and area monitoring.



Large Area Neutron Detector M1000

Highly sensitive and rugged neutron detectors. For seamless integration into detection systems such as portal monitors or mobile systems or as standalone detectors.

Thermal Neutron Detector M1000 PDF      

  • He-4 detector loaded with neutron converter
  • Excellent performance over cost ratio
  • Direct He-3 replacement
  • Very rugged, based on solid state photomultipliers
  • Easy integration; for fixed or mobile deployment
  • Simultaneous gamma counting up to 1 MHz           possible


Fast Neutron Detector S670

Arktis moderator-free fast neutron detectors use natural helium (He-4) and offer more information than simple neutron counters. This allows clear distinction between signal and background, identification of sources and energy windowing.

Fast Neutron Detector S670 PDF

  • Direct fast neutron detection
  • Precise timing resolution (ns)
  • Operation even in high gamma field
  • No lead shielding needed
  • Low background
  • Simultaneous gamma counting up to 1 MHz
  • Non-toxic, robust, scalable


Extended Range Neutron Detector S670E

Moderator-free extended range neutron detector. Sensitivity to thermal as well as fast neutrons.

Extended Range Neutron Detector S670E PDF

  • He-4 detector loaded with neutron converter
  • No moderator needed
  • Sensitivity to both thermal and fast neutrons
  • Clear separation between fast neutrons, thermal neutrons and gammas, even in high gamma fields
  • Simultaneous gamma counting up to 1 MHz possible


Gamma Spectrometer TEX1600

High Sensitivity Gamma Spectrometer for detection and identification of Special Nuclear Material (SNM).

Gamma Detector TEX1600 PDF

  • Ideally suited to detect HEU and Pu
  • Better energy resolution than NaI(Tl)
  • Very robust
  • Vibration insensitive
  • Non-hygroscopic
  • Scalable, covering large solid angles
  • High Z-effective (Z=54)