Arktis' nuclear detection technology featured in CTTSO's 2013 Review Book

In its recently published 2013 Review Book, the U.S. Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) featured Arktis’ high-performing FLASH Detection Portal. Arktis is lauded for being at the forefront of developing and testing a sensitive, affordable, reliable, and sustainable new detection system that complements and can be easily integrated in existing detection portal systems for fissionable materials – plutonium and uranium.

FLASH technology responds to a pressing worldwide need to provide an alternative to existing neutron detector systems, other than old systems that depend on a manmade isotope of helium, He-3, to detect low energy neutrons. In recognition of the superiority of Arktis’ new technology, Arktis Radiation Detectors Ltd won the 2011 CTTSO-sponsored Global Security Challenge.

To learn more, please read the text about Arktis in the CTTSO’s 2013 Review Book (pdf).



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