Arktis and Scionix partner on game changing R&D project

Arktis Radiation Detectors has announced that it is partnering with Scionix to develop a SIlicon Plastic Readout (SIPR) gamma detection technology that will significantly enhance radiation detection systems of the future.  The project is being funded by Eurostars - a joint program between EUREKA and the European Commission.

Until now, the widely used glass vacuum Photomultiplier Tubes (PMTs) deployed in many legacy detection systems have been recognized as being a both costly and fragile component. Their use contributed to the limited lifetimes of complete detection platforms.  As part of the new project, Arktis and Scionix will replace these PMTs with a new solid-state optical readout capability. The result will be a detector which can be fully integrated into existing systems.

Detection systems featuring the new ‘SIPR’ component will be significantly more rugged than the gamma detectors based on the old “glass tube” technology. The new scintillators will also provide many other benefits including an increased lifetime, lower acquisition costs and a reduction in the total cost of ownership when compared to most legacy systems.

Experts at Arktis believe that using their new SIPR technology will also open up completely new applications for their detection products. These new opportunities are likely to be in the field of Homeland Security as well as in areas such as Nuclear Power, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing.

Under their agreement, Arktis will integrate the new SIPR technology into their existing portfolio of next generation detection systems which includes Radiation Portal Monitors and Mobile Detection Systems. The new plastic scintillator system will also be marketed as a standalone product. Both companies will leverage their existing distribution channels to bring the new technology to a range of international customers.

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