Innovation and Agility – the Way We Do Business

Since our inception, Arktis has been committed to using its specialized domain knowledge, skill and expertise to introduce innovation in radiation detection systems that deliver advanced performance capabilities.

Our engineers and scientists are driven by a focus on delivering innovation that maximizes sensitivity and expands the range of data used for interpretation to provide increased detection and identification accuracy. By constantly developing proprietary technologies to solve novel problems, Arktis strives to create products that perform better, delivering more while costing less to deploy and operate than other systems on the market. While innovation runs through our technology; agility runs through our operation. We are focused on maintaining a lean and flexible approach to the way we do business. We know that by being truly customer and mission focused, our priorities drive us to respond fast to the needs of our customers and be better capable to deal with the complex security challenges of an ever-changing world.

This commitment to innovation and agility is surpassed only by our passion for our customers' success. The philosophy at Arktis is straightforward; we build real partnerships with our customers, regulatory bodies and suppliers, to deliver mission critical detection systems that improve security across the globe.

Arktis Radiation Detection Systems is represented by a worldwide team of sales partners. If you would like to know more about Arktis or any of our next generation detection systems, contact us at sales (at)